Schultz Air Conditioning has been a proud Customer Care Dealer since 2015. 

What is a Customer Care Dealer? 

From your first meeting to installation and follow-up, our independent American Standard Customer Care Dealers are here to make your decision comfortable and worry-free. This program is made up of hand picked dealers who are ready to listen, evaluate and find solutions that work smarter for you and your home.

  • Of the Highest Standing : Dealers are picked to be Customer Care Dealers because they have a proven commitment to excellence, product knowledge and customer service
  • Trained Specialists : We’re committed to understanding our latest technology, making sure you receive a system that achieves maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort
  • Your Opinion Matters : Our Customer Care Dealers are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences. At the heart of the Customer Care program is the homeowner satisfaction survey. This is the best way to gauge the dealer's commitment to your satisfaction
  • Look for the Badge : If your dealer is wearing a Customer Care Dealer badge, it means you’re working with the finest heating and air conditioning professionals in the business

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Air Handlers 


Silver Series  

Rugged and durable, the Silver Series meets or exceeds all standard effciency requirments as part of your matched system. 

Silver Series TEM Air Handlers are equiped with: 

  • All-Aluminum Coil- Substanially more durable than conventional copper coils, which means longer system life, as well as, less chnace of refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere. 
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish 
  • Insulated Cabinet- Heavy steel constaruction and insulation protect against heating and cooling losses, and lower sound levels.  
  • Heating Options- can accommodate electric heat with no modifications to the cabinet. 
  • Non-bleed TXV- allows for better refrigerant control & efficiency. 

Gold & Platinum Series 

Unlike any other air handler on the market, the uniquely designed cabinet is insulated between double walls similar to a refrigerator, keeping insulation out of the air that your family breathes. 

The Platinum Series is our most innovative offering and most efficient. It features a variable speed motor and integrated humidity control through Comfort-R technology and a uniquely designed cabinet to help prevent energy loss and condensation. 


  • Unique Cabinet Design- double wall cabinet helps prevent energy loss and virtually eliminates condensation. 
  • Fully Enclosed Insulation- a layer of insulation material between its inner and outer walls increases efficiency, while eliminating loose fiberglass insulation that can enter your airstream
  • Epoxy Coated Coil- standard epoxy coated offering is the first of its kind in the industry and helps prevent odor and undesirable residue on the coil. 
  • Vorica Blower- specially constructed for quiet operation, this blower also reduces your overall energy use and carbon footprint. 
  • Flexible Design- 
  • Control Board Pocket- a dedicated slot for the control board protects it from humidity in the airstream and extends its life
  • Electronic Refrigerant Flow & Regulation- refrigerant flow is regulated with an electronic expansion valve for greater system life and max reliability. 
  • Integrated Drain Pan- made from rust resistant polycarbonate, the unique drain pan is gently sloped to eliminate standing water
  • Heating Options- can accommodate electric heat with no modifications to the cabinet.
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish

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Condensing Units 


Meeting or exceeding efficiency standards. 

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of efficiency for air conditioners. SEER ratings are like miles per gallon in cars- the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit. All American Standard Heating & Cooling Air Conditioning Systems satisfy or exceed minimum government SEER standards. 


Silver Series 

An unbeatable combination of value and reliability, Silver Series air conditioners feature Spine Fin coils and Duration single-stage compressors, providing powerful cooling with reliability you can expect from American Standard. 

Gold Series 

Gold Series air conditioners feature proprietary Spine Fin coils and Duration two-stage compressors, and effciency that keeps you energy smart and comfortable in even the hottest weather. 

Platinum Series 

American Standard Platinum air conditioners offers the highest combination of performance, efficiency, and temperature control. Built with American Standard commitment to quality throughout, the Platinum line offers advanced energy-saving features like Duration variable speed compressors and Spine Fin coils. 


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Package Units 

Silver 14 System Highlights

  • Quiet, efficient Vortica™ Advanced airflow System improves airflow throughout your home
  • All-aluminum evaporator and condenser coils* for added reliability
  • Compatible with American Standard AccuClean™ whole home air cleaner 

Call us for additional details and pricing 239-574-6959. 

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Heating and Cooling Systems that fit comfortably with your budget. Ameristar is a brand of Ingersoll Rand, a leading name in the heating and air conditioning industry for more than a century. In addition to giving you confidence in a product that is well made and tested to Ingersoll Rand’s quality expectations, Ameristar’s 10-year registered limited warranty protects your heating or cooling investment for years to come.

Value: Equipped with the power and features you need, Ameristar heating and cooling systems can fit any budget.

Efficiency: Ameristar air conditioning units, heat pumps and packaged units all achieve high-efficiency SEER ratings.

Quiet operation: Ameristar HVAC products operate quietly, thanks to high-efficiency compressors and fully insulated construction.

Durability: Our architecturally compatible, anti-rust cabinets endure a 500-hour salt test to make sure they hold up to time and weather.

Safety: Internal safeguards protect compressors against high and low pressure, coil temperatures, and power surges.

Compact design: The small footprint of our HVAC products make them ideal for properties with limited yard or installation space. 

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